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Noah Baughman '20: Cornell -> "Second to None"

Noah Baughman '20 was never out of a match. In his final weekend of home duals in a Big Red singlet, he scored a takedown with five seconds remaining to beat a returning NCAA qualifier on Saturday and then recorded a takedown as time expired in sudden victory to top an All-American on Sunday.

While he was unable to accomplish his goal of competing at the NCAA Tournament as a senior because of Covid-19, Noah achieved quite a bit both on and off the mat with the Big Red. A three-time top three placer at the EIWA tournament and winner of more than 75 bouts, Noah was also a stellar student in the SC Johnson School of Business.

Noah began his post college career as an Investment Banking Analyst at Citi in June of 2020 in New York City and after about two years, took on a new role as a Senior Financial Analyst at Order.

We asked Noah about his experience with Cornell wrestling and the impact his years in Ithaca had on him.

What was the best part of being a Cornell wrestler as an undergrad?

Noah Baughman (NB): My favorite part about being a Cornell Wrestler was spending most of my time with my best friends. There was nothing I looked forward to more than going to wrestling practice after a long day of classes and studying to see all my best friends in the same room laughing and joking around together before practice.

Some of my most fond memories include dropping buckets in basketball on Kyle Dake's head, pre-practice.

Did you have internships while in college that the Cornell network helped obtain?

NB: Yes, I am very thankful for the Cornell Wrestling Community, which gave me the opportunity to learn about many different opportunities from lots of very smart and talented alumni and supporters of the program. The network's leadership and guidance helped me land two amazing internships while I was in college (Strategic Finance Intern at Key Bank and Investment Banking Analyst at Citi).

How would you briefly describe your current role?

NB: At Order, I prepare investor-facing reporting materials, highlighting our company's business model, mission & vision, and financial overview. I also help our executive team with financial planning and am responsible for our budgeting and financial forecasting processes.

How did your Cornell experience prepare you for your current job?

NB: Working closely with the best of the best in every avenue is something you experience at Cornell. I am extremely grateful that I was surrounded with some of the smartest classmates and professors who were abundantly passionate about coursework at Cornell as well their applicability to the Finance industry and roles within it. On top of amazing classmates and intelligent professors, Cornell Wrestling taught me all I needed to know about being effective in the workplace. Accountability, perseverance, and willingness to learn are all things I try to bring to my day-to-day. Those were engraved into my character during my time with Cornell Wrestling!

If you were talking to a student-athlete interested in business/finance, what would be the main reason(s) you would tell them to come to Cornell?

NB: Cornell Wrestling's alumni network gave me all the guidance and clarity I desired as an undergrad to navigate the finance world, especially within New York City! For every passion you could choose to pursue, Cornell Wrestling has a connection that is more than willing to help you take the necessary steps to find a career. Even disregarding the opportunities post grad (which are endless), the culture and friendships at Cornell Wrestling are DIFFERENT. It's a tight-knit group with a super fun atmosphere that loves wrestling and has the coaching and talent to help you achieve any of your goals. Not to mention, Mike Grey & Company are second to NONE!

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